Project contributions: Branding & identity design, Brand narrative, Web design, Stationery design, Presentation template design, Packaging & Label design, E-newsletter design, Illustration, Graphic design, Art direction, Social Media, Exhibition Design, Print.
Tengri is a luxury fashion and lifestyle brand. 
It is a UK-based, sustainable, eco-friendly, fair trade company that aspire to bring Mongolian yak noble fibres to the forefront of the fashion industry. It aims to preserve the Mongolian landscape and support the nomadic herders' way of life, which is threatened by industralisation, land degradation, and pollution.
The assignment was to create an identity that captured the spirit of Mongolia with specific relevance to fashion and the Mongolian yak. The set challenges were to retain references to traditional Mongolian culture (without making it too ethnic), while capturing a modern and minimalistic feel, and an edgy and luxurious identity. Finally, the design had to enable the company's identity to be relevant if it expanded beyond knitwear into other areas in the fashion and textile industry.
We wanted to create a simple, contemporary-looking logo that conveyed the boldness and strength of Mongolian people and the yak. The process began with researching everything Mongolian, from the inspirational national hero Genghis Khan, to Mongolian warriors, bold fabric patterns, herders families tending yak in the harsh landscape, and local climate. Then followed many sketched iterations of the logo incorporating the letter T (from the name Tengri) and alluding to the shape of a yak's head. The line is inspired by the Mongolian Ulzii pattern, a symbol of longevity and happiness. This final design ticks all the boxes, uniting multiple elements with bold clarity.
Tengri logo design won the 2013 Brand New Awards.
Initial sketches made during the design process
Tengri business cards (Front and assorted back design)
Tengri website – Landing page

Tengri website:

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