A relaxed and engaging event (in San Francisco) to celebrate the launch of Nokia’s latest Lumia devices.

The concept for the event was "Art gallery with a twist – please do touch the exhibits".

A press announcement, with opening words by Stephen Elop (Vice-President of Microsoft's Devices & Services business unit) followed by a celebratory experience where people who have spent all day at Build 2014 conference can enjoy themselves as they discover Lumia 630/635, Lumia 930, and the wider the Lumia and Windows Phone Blue story through immersive and engaging experiences at the hands-on device showcases. There were also interviews, networking and program for Analysts and Bloggers.

Lumia design, key-selling-points and colour cues (green and orange from the launch devices) were everywhere: extending to interactive exhibits, décor, staff outfits, catering and live entertainment.

Every aspect of the evening tells the Lumia story, and makes it easy for people to share their personal experiences – live, using Lumia phones. The fun of sharing: everything is in the house! 

It also shows Microsoft and Nokia partnership with shared commitment to every level of the market.

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